Saturday, March 11, 2017

SoSuzy Sessions are worth every cent!

I cannot tell you how valuable the SoSuzy Sessions are to a person in the crafting industry! Let me tell you I wouldn't have started this blog without the class on Social Media.  Also, because of what she taught in that class, I have already had one of my cards featured on a mass email from for the Foundations Box Catherine Pooler created.  

Suzanne Moore really walks you through step-by-step in her "Social Media" or "How to Be on a Design Team" - both classes I highly recommend! Suzanne has a brand new class "How to Price, Market and Sell Your Hand-made Cards" coming soon. I have already signed up!  I suggest you do the same...

Below is the link to get you to the main page of SoSuzy Sessions.

#sosuzysessions #wortheverycent #wontbedisappointed


  1. Great blog about a great subject. Suzanne and her team have been such a big help to me also.

    1. Yes, Suzanne and her team are so involved with everyone they work with through these sessions!